10 FREE websites & apps to make you better with money and build wealth:

10 FREE websites & apps to make you better with money and build wealth:

• Mint

• Acorns

• Fidelity

• Schwab

• Quicken

• Kiplinger

• Prospero

• Bloomberg

• Investopedia

• Credit Karma

• Seeking Alpha

• Yahoo Finance

Let’s discuss how each can change your life:

• Mint is an excellent option if you need help with a budget, it also automatically pulls transactions from your bank accounts and credit cards, so it’s all in one place

• Acorns allows you to invest spare change automatically and puts it into diversified index funds

• Fidelity offers free trades on stocks or index funds, with many resources and research tools

• Schwab offers free trading on stocks and index funds with a wide range of resources, how-to videos and research tools!

• Kiplinger is a great overall resource for personal finance to investing advice

• Prospero is powered by AI to give predictions on stocks, it gathers millions of real-time data points on stock performance and breaks it down into simple, powerful signals

• Bloomberg is a powerful financial news resource that provides market news & updates

• Investopedia is a tremendous educational database to learn more about investing. Its dictionary is excellent for finding easy-to-understand definitions of financial terms and concepts.

• Credit Karma will give you free credit scores, reports and personalized tips and tools to help you build wealth

• Seeking Alpha is a crowdsourced resource, giving it great coverage of smaller cap stocks that receive little or no attention from Wall Street analysts

• Yahoo Finance is one of the world’s leading finance news websites investment tools and data!

What would you add?

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